A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Three elements, each has a strength and vulnerability.

  • Water 💧 beats Fire 🔥
  • Fire 🔥 beats Nature 🍃
  • Nature 🍃 beats Water 💧

Each successful attack not only decreases enemie's Health Points, but also improves the power of the successfull attack.

Two Android mages fight untile there's only one left on the battlefield. Think ahead and outsmart your enemy to win the ultimate duel.


  • Brzana Magdalena
  • Korzanowski Łukasz
  • Ogłoziński Michał
  • Ziomek Damian

Third party SFX assets:

  • Magic: Gargle Spell by Spennnyyy
  • Poison Spell Magic by qubodup
  • remixes # of first take of Freesound 168571 by Timbre
  • Spellcast by russscott1
  • Eletronic_Magic_Spell021902038 by ProfessionalSoundsFX
  • Spell_00 by LittleRobotSoundFactory
  • Buffer Spell by deleted_user_3277771


Standalone.rar 18 MB
WebGL.rar 10 MB

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