A downloadable SmashRoom for Windows


SmashRoom is a local battle arena, in which three satient mushrooms chase each other in dark foul dungeons, for their masters' amusement. Those fungs know nothing but chase. They're running for their lives.
They're running to take lives...


  • New take on the classic "Paper, Rock, Scissors" formula
  • Fast-paced unpredictable gameplay
  • If you sucked at the "Tag" game in primary school, now it's your chance to take revenge
  • Local multiplayer
  • Abstract setting, comperable to the one, which you could exparience after taking too many shrooms

Circle of life

Stay focused on your target. Each Mushroom can only catch another Shroom of particular color. But watch out, there will always be someone on your tail, waiting for you to slip up!

Circle of Life
Who's chasing who

Filthy Sorcerers, who experimented on Fungs:

  • Damian Ziomek
  • Matuesz Dębski
  • Krzysztof Kowalczyk
  • Ernest Suryś
  • Łukasz Korzanowski


SmashRoom.rar 13 MB